European media specialist and South African entrepreneur scheduled on Saturday, day to talk about disruption, diversity and technologies


Business with purpose, value brands, inclusion and diversity were the terms of order of the Scream – Salvador Creativity and Media Festival, held on December 6 and 7, simultaneously in five locations in the Historic Center of Salvador. Whether in the future of work, health or technology, the debates and lectures reinforce the importance of thinking of the other when creating and of acting consciously when consuming or selling.


One of the most awaited speakers was the Spanish creativity and culture expert Cristina Róman, from D&AD, a European non-profit institution that is an international reference for excellence in creative advertising, to talk about social impact marketing. When she talks so much about the age of purpose, she recalls that “being a consumer means we are citizens of the world, which means we have responsibilities to the planet.”

According to the speaker, despite the political scenario and environmental crisis, Brazil is always among the five countries with the best return on investments in media and has great creative performance, considering the more than 50 Brazilians awarded at Pencils, international award. conducted by D&AD that had, in the last edition alone, more than 25 thousand entries. For Ana Coelho, president of the Bahian Advertising Market Association – ABMP that holds the festival, this is Scream’s thermometer too, which brought together more than 2,000 people interested in creativity that generates results, theme of this year’s festival.

“There is always a very high expectation of what will be content on Scream. Most speakers have a foot in Bahia and take the values of our state wherever they go, in language, in color, in social issues. We have a great potential to create and innovate and to see such expressive examples as Vale do Dendê and N Black only reinforces this. Certainly, the Scream 2019 met all our expectations by delivering a lot of content, experiences, meetings and insights, ”celebrates Ana. About the schedule, she herself reveals the difficulty of making the agenda: As are simultaneous events, choosing what to watch is up to It is difficult, but from any event we use a lot of important, inspiring information that presents us with new challenges by looking at the wishes and needs of society.

The opening of Scream was made by Ana Coelho President of ABMP, Mayor of Salvador ACM Neto and was entitled to exclusive video sent especially to the event, by Sir Martin Sorrell Da S4 Capital, speaking British businessman came to inspire young people and talk about digital transformation, Among the almost 100 speakers who brought the most diverse topics and approach is worth mentioning Bob Wollheim (CI&T), Renan Quevedo (New to us), Jonathas Freitas (Managegram), Carlos Queiroz (Fox and Disney), Cleber Paradela (99), Celso Athayde (Favela Holding), Alexandra Gurgel (Alexandrisms), Fabiana Silva (Globo), Eduardo Diogo (Sebrae) and Monique Evelle (Sharp and Responsa Agency).


 The sustainable scenarios in the Barroquinha Cultural Space, Gregório de Mattos Theater and Foundation, Fera Palace Hotel and Hotel Fasano, created by scenographer Renata Mota, were the scene of more than 60 events of these two days, including lectures, panels and workshops, broadcast by more 80 hours on the event’s website and will be available soon on the event’s website for those who want to attend.

Scream is conducted by ABMP in partnership with Saltur, and sponsored by Gamned, Kantar Ibope Media, Shopping Bela Vista, Zygon, Record TV Itapoan, Rede Bahia and TV Aratu, and has the institutional support of Sebrae and Uranus2 support.